You are and should be incentivized by your shareholding — not your monthly salary. With three founders you need first team leads managing the operational teams within the three functional areas. They often used to work for consulting companies and have an MBA or equivalent business related education. Looking at the exit channels for B2B SaaS companies, the US market also plays a dominant role. the sales department. Therefore, rather spend 1€ more on an experienced leader that can also manage a team in years’ time. Therefore, you need to have a strong CFO that can lead large financing or exit processes. And if you’re at $100M in revenue, you likely already have the pieces and need more of them — with increasing specificity — to deepen core competencies and scale predictably. When approaching 50 FTEs, you can really call your start-up a company. I assume (for the purpose of illustration) that a B2B SaaS venture is initially founded by three very complementary founders. out-of-the-box thinking, are needed. They are informational tools that can be as simple as text boxes containing names or positions connected with lines to show relationships. Some might argue that three founders can manage 25 FTEs on their own. Moreover, with more people onboard and first customers acquired, the founder’s workload increases drastically. With 50 FTEs on board, it is also the right time to hire an experienced HR manager. Moreover, performance measures and processes are just about to be implemented at all levels and functional departments — so lack of performance is still not uncovered. - Team Lead Level: a team leader supervises 2–3 people. However, always think about if the team member you want to promote is also capable of managing double or triple amount of people compared to current status quo. The org chart of SAS Institute contains its 116 main executives including James Goodnight, David Davis and Jennifer Mann. I am a SaaS entrepreneur, operator, and leader who has led two companies to successful exit. However, there are more and more tasks that you as a founding partner cannot manage alone anymore. Therefore, we recommend hiring a designated finance manager. Change the style of the org chart in the SmartArt Styles group. Not a “fun” topic per se, but you need to understand the concept behind your chart of accounts and implement the correct structure if you… I present four organizational charts depending on financing stage and number of employees (pre-financing, c. 25 FTEs, c. 50 FTEs, and c. 125+ FTEs). A startup needs a marketer. Nevertheless, I am highly convinced that depending on the functional departments a close cross-department working approach with clear roles and responsibilities is and will be successful. It takes a village of talents and skill levels to create and maintain predictably scalable SaaS marketing. The profile should concentrate on recruitment and employee retention — not administrative tasks like payroll accounting. Apart from C-level management, several VP and director level positions will be successively added. You can scale your SaaS customer success organization in a fairly predictable manner. […], Your email address will not be published. Edit this example. On the founder / MD level, the roles and responsibilities shall move into three classical C-level roles, namely Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO including the financing responsibility). The company is a software as a service (Saas) provider that has developed a new virtual trade show platform. S/he is responsible for teams of up to 10 team members, including team leads. Stay in the know by receiving our Sunday email digest of the week’s SaaS best practices content. I would like to point out two positions in particular. It is super important that the founder team always challenges each other with the question: are we still the right people for the upcoming tasks? Why do you need a designated position for this? But, it shouldn’t degrade into activity-based work. The following separation into three functional roles has proven to be successful for a B2B SaaS venture before any initial financing means: sales & marketing (including customer success, which can be often neglected in the very beginning with no customers at place), product and tech (i.e. Unfortunately, a high growth company has no time to educate people who turn out to be too junior for the position held. Edit this example. I would like to focus on key personas I consider crucial in scaling and growing a B2B SaaS start-up as well as their functional responsibilities related to each other. The disadvantage lies in its rigidity and the length of time needed for information to flow through the organ… There’s strategy and process design at the top; program and measurement design in the middle; and heaps of execution to make it all happen. Ugh, Budget Season! The trick is to scale just slightly ahead of revenue, and to get creative to solve your most pressing problems. On the other hand: if you hired someone who turns out to not be the right fit, give him a chance to improve. This represents a huge challenge in terms of leadership and corporate culture. Others have more demand-gen needs than brand needs. With the right recruitment process in place, you will hire the right people! You will not and cannot be any more on top of all things that happen within your firm. depending on the nature of the B2B business, its customers, different offices, legal structure, capabilities of the team members etc. - VP Level: a VP of a certain department needs profound experience in the respective professional area s/he is responsible for. $15,000
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