We encourage parents to commit to the whole year program. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy apply. For more specific issues, membership includes one 50-minute consultation session with one of your facilitators. Casey has been a free agent with his irons since Nike stopped manufacturing clubs and has opted to use Mizuno irons since. Learn self-regulation so that they can better communicate, approach, cooperate, and engage with others. Participate in your child’s home activities since many of them request your involvement. Casey’s Clubs™ are therapeutic groups because the curriculum focuses on important social, emotional, cognitive-behavioral skills that have a distinct end goal: a socially and emotionally well-rounded child. We serve kids 1st-8th grade who have had social or emotional challenges due to negative environments or situations, psychological difficulties, physiological differences. They provide an opportunity for children to have connections outside of their day-to-day lives, make new friends, and take the time to learn about themselves. They look forward to seeing their friends. Whether a Casey’s member has joined for therapeutic or enrichment purposes, facilitators are available to collaborate and coordinate with other professionals. Message and data rates may apply. When you sign your child up for Casey’s Club™, you reserve their spot. Casey’s is designed to work in tandem with parent support. You can revoke permission to mail to your email address at any time using the Unsubscribe link, found at the bottom of every email. Use our inquiry form or email laura@caseys-clubhouse.com. Order the best made-from-scratch pizza, sandwiches, appetizers & more for delivery or pickup from your local Casey's. Most groups, however, are mixed and the therapist optimizes the ratio of facilitator to member ratio to best serve the children. Casey’s Club™ uses the social connection of the group to teach complex social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills. Breadsticks, wings, chicken tenders and more. Thank you for your message! Each and every Casey’s Club™ has two certified, professional facilitators. Early Bird Christmas 2020 Offer: Casey’s Venues works in conjunction with NHS Staff Discounts. The five approaches are: I've been developing and facilitating programs to support children in areas such as social skills, relational aggression, mindfulness, and grief support since 1999, including 11 years as a school counselor and via my own private practice. Copyright © 2020 — All Rights Reserved. Our goal is to introduce, teach, and practice social skills during group. Casey’s Club™ is a limited membership group and your child’s spot is reserved just for them. Casey’s members are evaluated in the middle and at the end of the program. Primary Group: Includes grades 1st thru 3rd. Ever heard of National Donut Day? Intermediate Group: Includes 4th and 5th grade, and when appropriate 6th grade. During, the second session, facilitators will hand out the social skills assessments, review the social skills assessments, and answer questions about the program thus far. As educators, we know that children learn differently. From basic to advanced skills, the curriculum adapts to the group. Facilitators who do not have a counseling practice can offer parents a referral for those services. Get to know the other parents in the group. Ø Golf Links. Please understand that when you sign your child up for Casey’s Club™, you agree to the number of session from your child’s start date to the end of the session year, or termination of services, regardless of attendance. The lessons are beneficial to everybody. If you want your facilitator to send or connect with those professionals, please see the Authorization to Release form. Content on this website should not be construed as medical or counseling advice on its own. Help your child read and complete the weekly activities in his/her workbook. We teach these essential life skills using evidence-based techniques. Every week when your child participates, follows the rules, and shows the identified social/emotional skills toward their goals, they receive a special bead that is added to their necklace. These challenges have led to social skills deficits, exclusion, disconnection, and social delays. During the third session, facilitators will discuss the ways in which parents can reinforce their child’s social and emotional progress, the final social skills assessments, and the details and expectations of the final section of the program You Teach ME. At the end of each section (5 lessons), we provide a sweet snack during what we call a celebration. We take your privacy seriously (to see for yourself, please read our Privacy Policy). Parents can access more services, either consultation or counseling, at the facilitators professional rate. because they have all experienced social challenges, emotional distress, negative thinking, adverse behaviors, and uncertainty. We give you access to time-sensitive deals like these – sometimes valid for just 1 day – right to your fingertips! Address For that matter, friendships can be difficult. Casey's Retail Company. I make every effort to respond within 3 business days. Workbook for members including 30 stories, lessons, and home activities. These skills allow kids to reboot and find greater success in friendships and in life. For those social skills to stick, they must be reinforced outside of group. Because we are both a therapeutic and enrichment program, at least one facilitator is a licensed (or supervised by a licensed) therapist. Access to parent education blog with 30 lessons and home activities. Weekly sessions and home activities keep the kids engaged. Collaborative contact with other professionals. Read the weekly chapters of Casey’s Adventures™ together found in your child’s workbook with your child. We follow a 30-week curriculum designed by Casey’s Clubhouse™ that helps them:. We see incredible changes in our Casey’s Club™ participants during the year. Three parent education sessions fall, winter, spring. Their shared experiences connect them. Three evaluations in fall, winter, spring. Casey’s Club™ is designed to be a fun, interesting, and supportive place for kids to meet new friends and learn essential social and life skills. Kirkland, WA 98033. Casey's Clubhouse content and imagery used with permission. Only valid on Selected Events) We read them during group but if your child needs extra help processing the stories, it might reinforce the lessons if you read them beforehand. Please try again later. Mizuno had sent Casey a set of the brand new MP-18 irons but he just can’t seem to part with the MP-5 as he currently uses the model from his 5-iron to his pitching wedge. Individual or group introductory interview. Consultation at professional rate as requested. You may leave your child at Casey’s Club™ for the 75-minute session. We understand that emergencies and unplanned events might on occasion keep you. Although the following requests are optional, we strong encourage your participation. Stay in touch. Sign up below to start saving. Some children recognize their need for a friendship group and others do not. If you consistently run late, we will request that you stay on the premises while your child is in group. ©2020  I have also facilitated Aspiring Youth groups and served as the Choices Program Director for at-risk youth at the Learning Disabilities Association. Because social skills are complex, we layered the six umbrella skills from the most essential skills, like energy regulation, to the most complex skills, like interpersonal mastery. Casey’s Pub; News & Promos Six session end celebrations with prizes. Web enabled phone required. CASEY’S TOURNAMENT PLAYERS CLUB C.T.P.C. We encourage you to have your child attend all sessions. Bring their workbook to group every week. Casey’s Clubhouse™ curriculum is only accessible through certified facilitators. Ø Contact C.T.P.C Ø C.T.P.C. In order to do so, please see the Authorization to Release form. By submitting this form, you are granting: Casey's General Stores, Inc., One SE Convenience Blvd., Ankeny, IA, 50021 United States, https://www.caseys.com permission to email you. Set up social activities for your child. Currently, Casey’s parent support material is found at caseys-parents.com. You can learn more about the curriculum on the parent blog. We request completed social skills assessments from parents at the beginning of the year and welcome teacher assessments at any point during the year. because they learn new skills that include self-regulation, awareness, determination, problem-solving, confidence, and mastery. Whether social issues arise from common friendship issues or skills deficits, many kids need a place to relate, reboot, and regroup. Feel free to consult with clubs facilitator if you have questions or clarifications. Casey's Club™ understands that making and keeping friends can be challenging for many kids. By Laws. Although this is optional, we use these assessments to set individualized goals and evaluate progress throughout the year. Oops, we hit a little snag while trying to send your message. It supposes that parents will read and review the information with their child and participate in the activities, which their child’s social development. Please call if your child will be absent so we can prepare the other children in the group. 75-minute sessions from fall to early summer. All Rights Reserved. . You child will bring that workbook back and forth to each session. By submitting this form, you are granting: Casey's General Stores, Inc., One SE Convenience Blvd., Ankeny, IA, 50021 United States, https://www.caseys.com permission to email you. Email, face to face, and phone contact as needed. The mission of Casey’s Clubhouse™ is to improve the lives of children worldwide. At the end of the year, they get to take their necklace home. Casey's Clubs™ are social groups designed to facilitate the development of social, emotional, and life skills for children. Ø Membership Application Form. Casey's Clubs™ reinforce and enhance children's skill-sets while also introducing new skills. There you will find a chapter/lesson and a home activity so that you can follow along and learn with your child. NEW GROUP in Kirkland, WA starting Tuesday January 7, 2020 from 430-545 for 5-8 year olds.

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