Lamb Samosa $5.99 Crispy patties stuffed with lean ground lamb and peas lightly seasoned with spices. Palak Paneer$11.99Chunks of Indian cheese cooked with pureed fresh spinach, garlic and spices with a hint of creamWe recommend Montevina Pinot Grigio with this dish. Shrimp Biryani$14.99Aromatic flavoured rice with shrimps fragrant with saffron, garnished with nuts and raisins. Alu Tikki$4.99Potatoes spiced with Indian seasoning with a hint of Vegetable Samosa$4.99Crispy patties stuffed with potatoes and peas, Lunch 11.30am - 2.30pm Lunch Special (Mon - Thurs) Indian Burritos and Lunch Menu Dinner Mon-Wed: 5.00pm - 10.00pm Thurs 5.00pm - 10.30pm Fri-Sat 3.00pm - 10.30pm Sun … Two crispy turnovers with chickpeas on top. served with a choice of dal or vegetable curry. Botti Ka Masala$13.99Pieces of botti kebab cooked in house special masala sauce, with sliced onions, Chicken Shahi Korma$12.99A royal dish of chicken in a creamy sauce with chunks of Indian cheese Vegetable of the day / Chickpeas or Spinach. Drink a Mojito cocktail for $7, drink a King Fisher beer for $5 or drink your favorite Merlot wine brand for just $5. Juicy chunks of chicken marinated in White sauce and barbeque. of delicious appetizers. Enjoy authentic Indian food, order your favorite indian cuisine to go, or have us delivery your delicious Indian entrees tonight. All fresh garden vegetables cooked together. Topped with chickpea flour and Online menu of Mumbai Darbar Indian Cuisine. and mild spices with a hint of coconut. garlic, ginger and tomato, with spicesWe recommend Ménage à Trois White Blend with this dish. Beef Curry$10.99Boneless beef prepared in traditional Indian curry sauce made from fresh onion, Chicken Samosa$5.99Crispy patties stuffed with lean ground chicken and peas Chicken Tikka$12.99Pieces of boneless chicken breast marinated in freshly ground spices yogurt with saffron.We recommend Starling Castle Riesling with this dish. Shrimp Masala$13.99Fresh shrimp cooked in house special masala sauce, Naan$1.99Traditional plain bread baked and lightly brushed with butter, Garlic Naan$2.99Naan with garlic and cilantro baked in tandoor. Mixed Salad$3.99Lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. India's Restaurant. Our recipes are authentic and time-tested. Beef Masala$12.99Tender beef cooked in house special masala sauce, with sliced onions, tomatoes, ginger and bell peppers. Two crisp turnovers filled with mild spiced smashed potatoes and green peas. seasoned with Indian spices and cilantro. Deep fried cheese ball with honey and rose water. Check out the Menu of Swabi Darbar Restaurant for tasty foods such as Mutton kadai,Afghani Pulaow,BBQ ,Burgers,Drinks and much more! Paneer Tikka Masala$12.99Indian homemade cheese cooked in masala sauce with sliced onions, A must for all vegetarians. Chana/Alu Saag$10.99Delicately flavoured spinach and garbanzo beans or seasoned potatoes Alu Naan$2.99Naan stuffed with potatoes seasoned with cumin and coriander and fresh herbs. Chicken Soup$5.99A traditional Indian soup featuring chicken cubes, herbs Phone: (920)-560-4967 Cooked with fresh herbs with added tangy tomato sauce along with home made cheese. All entrees are served with Basmati rice. Home made cheese cooked with green pepper, onions and tomatoes. peas lightly seasoned with spices. Marinated overnight shrimp and barbequed. Served with Naan and a side of Vegetable. Regular naan stuffed with home made cheese. Shrimp Josh$13.99Fresh shrimp cooked in yogurt based curry sauce roasted in tandoor oven. Keema Naan$3.99Naan stuffed with seasoned ground lamb. garnished with cashews and raisins. Lamb Biryani$14.99Long grain basmati rice cooked with tender lamb cubes and authentic spices, We feature a $42 Prix Fixe menu with 4 courses. Mango Chutney$2.99A sweet and spicy mango relish. Darbari Shrimp$18.99Six jumbo shrimps marinated chefs exotic spices baked to perfection, served with dal or vegetable curry. Home Menu Lunch Buffet Location & Map Hours Services Coupons Contact Us: 2333 W Wisconsin Ave, Appleton, WI 54914. spiced with peppercorn. See MENU & Order. Darbar features New York City's best lunch buffet, a great happy hour, and a dinner menu that is rivaled by none. garnished with cashews and raisins. Crispy Fried Wafers with Chickpeas and sauces. ginger, tomatoes and cilantro. in a creamy sauce garnished with cashews and raisins.We recommend Releaf Organic Cabernet/Merlot/Shiraz blend with this dish. Smashed potatoes stuffed in whole wheat bread. Myere's Original Dark Rum, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Bacardi Coconut, pineapple and orange juice, MojitoTraditional, coconut or mango flavor, Five SpiceMalibu Rum, amaretto, watermelon liqueur, mango and pineapple, Mumm TajHouse Special. Seekh Kebab$17.99Lean ground lamb mixed with Indian spices baked on skewers, All breads are hand tossed and freshly baked in clay oven (tandoor). Join Darbar in midtown Manhattan for the best prixe menu in New York City. Featuring only local, free roaming, all natural chicken. Fish Tikka$18.99Fresh pieces of salmon marinated in garlic, lemon and spiced to perfection. Prepared with fresh tangy tomato sauce and the cubes of grilled chicken. Lamb Saag$13.99Boneless lamb cooked with fresh pureed spinach, garlic fresh onion, garlic, ginger and tomato, with spices. garlic, ginger and tomato, with spices. vegetable curry and a choice of any one bread. simmered in mild onion tomato based curry sauce. and freshly ground spices with saffron. Chili Pakora$5.75Jalapeño peppers stuffed with Indian cheese Butter Chicken (Chicken Tikka Masala). Shrimp sauteed with ginger, garlic, onions and green pepper in a curry sauce. The All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet includes a lavish spread of Indian Specialties. Chicken Tikka$7.99Chunks of boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt Made will real pistachios and condensed milk. Our lunch buffet is available 7 days a week from 11:30 til 4:00 p.m for $14.95. … Beef Biryani$13.99Aromatic rice flavoured with scallions and various spices cooked with lean beef, Lamb Vegetable Curry$12.99Lean pieces of lamb cooked with a variety of vegetables in a tangy curry sauce. Fresh Okra cooked in onions with a tint of curry sauce. blended with ground cardamom, cloves and cumin. Join Darbar for the best lunch buffet in New York City or take lunch to go with a Boxed Lunch Special! Served with Naan and a side of Vegetable. Bhindi Masala$10.99Lightly fried fresh okra sautéed with tomatoes, onions and spices. Prepared with fresh tangy tomato sauce and the barbeque salmon. Chunk of Indian cheese, marinated and freshly barbecued. with fresh roasted chilies. Darbar Fine Indian Cuisine on 46th street is the pinnacle of traditional Indian food in midtown Manhattan. Roti$1.99Whole wheat bread baked in tandoor lightly brush with butter. Beef Shahi Korma$12.99Boneless beef with fresh homemade Indian cheese in a creamy sauce garnished with cashews and raisinsWe recommend Terra D Oro Zinfandel with this dish. Combination of 3 Lentils cooked together. Chicken sauteed with herbs and mixed with jasmine rice. V6. C1. Served with a choice of dal or vegetable curry. Served with Naan and a side of Vegetable. tomatoes, ginger and bell peppersWe recommend Ménage à Trois Red Blend with this dish. Beef Makhani$12.99Lean pieces of beef in our signature tomato cream sauceWe recommend Conquista Malbec with this dish. Darbar India Platter$20.99Darbari shrimp, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, botti kebab, served with dal or We recommend Radio Boca Tempranillo with this dish. Shrimp Vindaloo$12.99Fresh shrimp and potatoes prepared in a spicy, tangy curry sauce. grilled in tandoor oven. Chicken Mushroom$12.99Spiced marinated boneless chicken with fresh mushrooms in a curry sauce with a hint of cream. Price does not include tax or gratuity. Beef Saag$11.99Boneless beef cooked with fresh pureed spinach, garlic and spices with a touch of cream. Served with Naan and a side of Vegetable. Mix Pakora$4.99Fresh cut vegetables seasoned with special spices Seekh Kebabs$8.99Lean ground lamb mixed with house special We recommend Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc with this dish. Chicken Jalfrezi$11.99Tender boneless chicken cooked with assorted vegetables prepared in tangy curry sauce. and jalapeño mint sauce. Designed by Top Austin Things to Do and See the Austin Bats. Darbar offers a daily NYC Indian lunch buffet in a upscale Indian restaurant buffet setting. Paneer Naan$3.99Naan stuffed with homemade Indian cheese and herbs. Served with Naan and a side of Vegetable. garnished with fresh cilantro. Roasted Egg plant cooked in Indian style. garlic sweet chilli sauce. Lamb Samosa$5.99Crispy patties stuffed with lean ground lamb and Beef Vindaloo$11.99Beef and potatoes prepared in a spicy, tangy curry sauce. sautéed with tomatoes and Indian spices. lightly seasoned with spices. Tandoori Chicken$7.99Spring chicken marinated in traditional tandoori sauce Somosa Chaat / Kachori ChaatGarbanzos, masala and chutneys with a samosa OR lentil patty: Paneer TikkaHomemade cottage cheese marinated in yogurt and spices, Okra CrunchCrispy okra with onion, tomato and lemon dressing, Gobi ManchurianBattered cauliflowers sautéed with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce, Tandoori VegetablesAssorted seasoned vegetables marinated in mild sauce, Reshmi Kebab (House Specialty)Supreme pieces of chicken breast marinated in spices, Garlic Shrimp BalchaoSauteed shrimp with garlic, onions & tomatoes, Garden Fresh Tossed Green SaladGarden greens with a house dressing, Mulligatawny SoupTraditional lentil soup flavored with herbs and mild spices, Chicken Palak SorbaChicken and spinach in a lightly spiced coconut flavored soup, NaanSoft leavened with bread cooked in a clay oven, Garlic NaanNaan stuffed with fresh garlic, Rosemary NaanNaan sprinkled with crushed rosemary seeds, Tandoori Roti or ChapatiFlat whole wheat bread prepared in a clay oven, Tandoori Paratha / Pudina ParathaRich multilayered whole wheat bread baked in a clay oven, Gobi / Aloo ParathaWhole wheat bread stuffed with cauliflower or potatoes, Onion KulchaLeavened bread with caramelized onions and black pepper, Peshwari NaanNaan stuffed with nuts and dried fruit, Cheese and Garlic NaanNaan stuffed with cheese and garlic, Keema NaanNaan bread stuffed with minced lamb, Mixed Vegetable KormaMixed vegetables in a creamy sauce, Saag PaneerFresh homemade cottage cheese in a spinach puree, Chana Saag / Aloo SaagSpinach puree with chickpeas or potatoes, Paneer Pasanda / Paneer MakhaniHomemade cottage cheese in a creamy tomato sauce, Bhindi MasalaOkra sauteed with browned onions, tomatoes, and dried mango, Beetroot Malai Kofta (House Specialty)Beetroot dumplings with onions in an aromatic sauce, Chana MasalaChickpeas with onions, tomatoes, and curry sauce, Alco Gobi MasalaStir fried potatoes and cauliflower cooked with ginger and garlic, Eggplant BharthaBaked eggplant sauteed with onion and tomatoes, Mutter PaneerHomemade cheese cubes cooked with green peas, Bombay AlooPotatoes cooked with cumin, curry, garlic, garam masala, turmeric, mustard seed and chili powder, Chili PaneerHomemade cheese cooked with dry chilli & bell peppers, Dal FrySlow simmered yellow lentils sauteed with tomatoes, Dal MakhaniClassic black lentils simmered in tomatoes and onion with cream, Chicken Tikka MasalaBoneless white meat chicken simmered in a tomato and onion sauce, Butter ChickenDark meat chicken simmered in a tomato & onion sauce, Chicken KormaChicken cooked with cumin, fennel, and cashew nuts in mild gravy, Chicken VindalooGoan-style chicken cooked with potatoes in a spicy curry, Chicken Mirch Bhuna (House Specialty)Chicken cooked in a black pepper and green chili marinade, Chili ChickenChicken sautéed with onions, green chilies, and spices, Chicken La JawabChicken with ginger, garlic, fresh herbs, tomatoes, and spices, Chef's Special Chicken MalaiChicken simmered in aromatic spices, in a tasty cream sauce, Chicken CurryGinger garlic with chicken in a onion and tomato sauce, Chicken SaagwalaBoneless chicken cooked in a puree of spinach, Chicken MangoChicken marinated with ginger and garlic, cooked with mangos, Chicken Madras Curry (House Specialty)Chicken with dry chili mustard coconut curry leaves and fenugreek, Lamb or Goat CurryLamb or goat cooked in a mild sauce, Lamb or Goat VindalooLamb or goat cooked in a spicy sauce with potatoes, Lamb Rogan JoshCubes of boneless lamb cooked in tomato & onion sauce, Lamb or Goat KormaLamb or goat cooked in a mild creamy sauce, Lamb Keema Aloo MutterGround lamb cooked with green peas, potatoe, and spices, Lamb/Goat Bhuna (House Specialty)Lamb or goat cooked in specially spices and herbs, Lamb Tikka MasalaBell Peppers and lamb cuves with tomato creamy sauce, Lamb or Goat MelaguLamb or goat cooked spices coconut, curry leaves and crshed black pepper, Lamb Chops Masala (House Specialty)Lamb chops with ginger mint tomato and onion sauce, Haryall ChickenChicken marinated in corlander sauce, Chicken Tikka / White MeatBoneless white meat chicken marinated in spices and roasted in a clay oven, Tandoori ChickenChicken marinated in an almond paste with Kashmiri chilies, Malai Chicken KebabChicken marinated in spices, moistened with cream cheese, Lamb Seekh KebabMinced lamb mixed with fresh spices, grilled on a skewer, Tandoori shrimpJumbo shrimp marinated with cilantro, lemon juice, and spices, Tandoori Lamb Chops (House Specialty)Juicy rack of lamb marinated with ginger & garlic, cooked to your taste, Tandoori Salmon TikkaSalmon marinated in fresh ginger and garlic cooked to your taste, Tandoori Mixed GrillAssortment of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, fish tikka, and lamb chop, Lemon Rice / Jeera RiceLemon flavored basmati rice / Cumin seed with Basmati rice, Mushroom Peas PulavLong grain flavored basmati rice with mushrooms and peas, Vegetable BiryaniRice cooked with mixed vegetables in a blend of saffron and herbs, Chicken/Goat/Lamb BiryaniChoice of chicken, goat, or lamb.

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