I’ve already excluded three people’s votes, because they voted for mulitple fics in the same category. They joined a “fantasy football” type league but for quidditch, which met regularly at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade? Thank you ! But magic always finds a way, and in his final year of high school Harry is introduced to a school of unexpected and unfamiliar people. Why? For Want of a Quill by veytta [T, 39k], ► Ron finds a different compartment to sit in, Harry travels alone to Hogwarts and that small change changes the world in ways big and small. Draught (noun) Unfortunately it is the only thing I remember from the fic, but i think it was a good one. Summary: Harry has received several life-changing letters since his eleventh birthday: his acceptance letter to Hogwarts, several Improper Use of Magic letters, his expulsion letter from Hogwarts, and even the Howler sent to his Aunt Petunia. Do I have to vote for fics in every category or can I skip a category? Different people. Hello nonnie, I have no idea to be honest let’s see if anyone can help us!! I am trying to read as many nominated fics as I can so that I know what I vote for and by that I got to know really wonderful fics. wonders if the setup isn’t a different  kind than he anticipated. I'm not even sure if it was hosted on ao3, but it was a post game fic with the trolls, humans, parental units, and davesprite on a...yacht. Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright) by Anonymous [E, 9k], ►Sex is hard to come by when you’re 40 and have kids. Like maybe not outright hexing Draco etc., but making him feel unwelcome/unworthy/whatever and Harry not realizing? Upon choosing a date and time, Draco stands at the top of the astronomy tower, revelling in the final moments of his life when Harry Potter pulls him back to safety and promises to save his life. So, when he discovers Draco Malfoy is still suffering, fighting an invisible war of his own, can anyone blame Harry if he wants to help? Summary: Draco knows full well that he’s being set ALSO Harry was a magician (?) Bathroom Service by DustAndSins [E, 1k]. El castigo contra su padre fue algo que ninguno de ellos esperaba. The depth of water needed to float a ship. Dully and Muffled. My Drarry Fic Rec. Thanks. This is very unfair and not what the awards are about! That’s all I remember about the fic, I know it isn’t a lot to go on, but I would super appreciate any help at all ‐ Thanks!! thank you in advance :). drarry fanfic drarry fic rec His parents, his godfather, his friends–and him. In the summers when Draco was younger, his mother would dress him up in swimming trunks and they’d ride out together on her horse, his bare back snug up against her bodice. Welcome to “Lights, Camera, Drarry 2020” A new year brings a new edition of LCDrarry! ~ 2015.07, drarry | 2014 A stubborn, bossy boy who is being hunted by witches and princes and whatnot. You get two votes per category and the form closes on 10th Feb. hey guys, thank you so much for all the work you've done this year! thanks! So do the golden trio. | 2019 Draco can’t get the vanishing cabinet to work and he knows that it’s only a matter of time before Voldemort kills him. After testifying at the Malfoy family’s trial Harry finds himself having to rescue them a second time from an angry mob outside the courthouse. like a chapter per year at hogwarts+one for eighth year & an epilogue. seems I’m  going to the Ball with Malfoy.” - Or, Harry Potter is an oblivious idiot that can’t find a date for the Yule Ball, *Tags of my list* harry´sPOV, hogwarts, hogwartsera, non graphic sex, sweet/fluff, Work:  There’s no such thing as luck, baby. Summary: Draco Malfoy has three excellent reasons to get sloshed- a father who won’t accept him, a Harry Potter he can’t stop crushing on and that damned hippogriff that tried to eat him. […]★ 2020 Harry/Draco Sex Fair | @hd-fan-fair, 3. any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Hi! The Difference Between Dust And Soup (Is You)  by gnarf. Just because there is a fic that I have not been able to access for quite some time now because it says its part of a challange. Here’s a link to the voting form. Thx!. The form will be open until 08:00 GMT 10th February 2020. Please help me? | 2007 Hey! “Very sad. 2. :D, *you can find my rec for this fic here (infidelity warning-no Drarry). Oct 31, 2020. Hopefully we’ll see you nominating next year! *Tags of my list* auror/unspeakableharry, bottomdraco, domestic, grimmauldplace, harry´sPOV, posthogwarts, slowburn, teddy, veeladraco, Summary: “I don’t know how it’s possible,” he said, Just Keep Shipping! Twelve Hours by @teawithpotter [T, 4k]. ive been searching for so long and a few minutes after my ask, you and your followers found it thank you so much !! When the rebuilding efforts are done, Harry disappears. I Am You First by @genzfanfix [G, 1k]. The Delicate Balance of Light and Shade by Anonymous [E, 13k], ►With the war finally over, Harry tries to find his own path in a world where he is free to make his own choice. 3. And one person in particular that managed to draw a little more interest than the rest. i remember the main plot was that in the bathroom in 6th year, draco's cruciatus hits harry, but he regrets it & takes harry to the hospital wing. Presenting the 2019 Drarry Award Winners! 1. Anon #2: Hi! PROMPTING AND CLAIMING NOW OPEN! 5 notes Feb 12th, 2020. It had some OCs and Harry attended muggle school where at some point Draco and other Hogwarts students come by as “exchange students”. Never mind that they’re at a party and hate each other. Control by laugh_a_latte (Inspired by Manorexic fic). He didn’t want to think about the school, about the upcoming war, about anything other than the boy in front of him. Emotions run high and the bubbles can barely keep up.★ HP Suds Fest 2020 | @hpsudsfest, 2. And he’s gay. What is going on? I am here to ask for such a wonder: I don't remember much of the story line, but it is a rather well known fic (I think) and plays at Hogwarts. I’m so excited to share this little piece I’ve been working on for the past few days! 2020 H/D Erised Fest Announcement!! ►McGonagall organizes a Halloween Treasure Hunt in pairs. PLEASE! thanks for running this blog! Harry and Ron have a tiff. But when he learns the werewolf  leader is Harry Potter, Draco “We’re all bloody lunatics, that’s why we’re here in the first place.” He started to stand up. Boats, but Not the Ocean - p1013 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own] › p1013: If Draco ever gets his hands on this Bill Murray character, he’s going to kill him. To our dear H/D Erised community, We had planned to announce our 2020 fest today, but find that our thoughts are elsewhere: with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, and the millions of other Black people who have been and are being terrorized and killed by white supremacy. ★ Draco tops Harry 2020, drarry Hi hi! Nothing appeared. Mmh I don’t think I recognise this, but it made me think of this fic by the amazing @rockmarina. And again. 132 notes. He remembers how to apparate. Not of the real kind, anyway. It was multi-chaptered? Hello! Repast, Interrupted by @lastontheboat [T, 4k], ►Draco is making chicken jalfrezi when the Patronus arrives. daily list Things to keep in mind when casting your … Unfortunately, life is never easy, especially with the burdens of N.E.W.T.s looming closer. . 6. Living with Dragons by @fantasyfiend09 [E, 14k], ► Harry wants to apprentice for Charlie’s team at the dragon reserve, but they already have an apprentice: a very fit wizard who tends to bring out Harry’s obsessive side. there's also a scene where draco finds out harry can do wandless magic after he levitates something over to his hospital bed & draco thinks its really cool. 8 notes Oct 27th, 2020. by dragonfly_lily [E, 5k]   *not on AO3. Mirror, Mirror by @themightyflynn08 [E, 2k]. How was he supposed to know he’d actually enjoy being friends with Harry and the other Gryffindors? As each category will have two winners please select two fics per category. So when he receives a letter addressed to him with no return address left outside his Muggle flat, it’s from the last person he ever expected to hear from again. Hi! Reblog. The fic name is Somebody to Love btw Thank you so much in advance. Hi. Summary: Draco knows they aren’t the only students who will be completing their NEWTs this year, but they are the only ones whose home fireplaces were disconnected from the floo network by the ministry. ►Where Harry makes an appointment with a muggle BDSM escort service. Hi I was wondering if you could help me find a drarry fic? drarry fanfic Talking Is Key by @ununquadius [G, 1k]. Omg and at another point Harry and his friends went into London with Draco/Blaise/Pansy and they spent a cute day there. ►Harry Potter awakens in hospital, with no memory of his life. The votes will be counted during the day and then the final vote will be announced at 20:00 GMT 10th February 2020. 22.Tem.2020 - Pinterest'te Billy Kaplan adlı kullanıcının "Drarry" panosunu inceleyin. | 2016 All others are optional. She frowned, looking between them. I was wondering if you could please recommend any drarry fics where draco meets the Dursley’s? Plaintext link to the voting form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUG4qq6QJ3kKg-4a2qUkqfkWQppPK8ZIIyMzp3uyPofW7CRQ/viewform. My mind is like it’s kinda blank don’t you want to fill it? *warnings: graphic depictions of violence. Don’t worry, though, I’ve activated my ultra-senses to help you find it ☀️ also, please, if anyone knows drop a comment here , EDIT: but you’re so cool you found it yourself, in the end so, here it is! i was wondering if you can help me find a fic- harry suddenly decides to become a potions master and snape teaches him from his portrait. Ideally NOT any cloud goes back in time and FIXES It plots since I've had so many of those lol let the boy rest. if i find it i will update the post :). “Not sure when I’ll be home,” the stag says using Harry’s voice. Fortunately, a hot blond Harry meets in a bar is willing to come along for the ride as he figures it out. Ron falls through the stairs and breaks his leg and Blaise’s arm. Thanks! Or that’s just my OCD ass talking lol. hi! […], 2. Not like the shower at home by Craftybadger1234 [M, 2k], ►Harry is excited about a little fun in the shower, but Draco’s annoyed this muggle hotel shower isn’t as good as the one at home.★ HP Suds Fest 2020 | @hpsudsfest, 3. 2020.10, Fanatical Fics Halloween Writing Competition 2020. drarry fic rec 2. ►Where Draco is in no way melodramatic and the Saviour of the Wizarding World finds himself fixing a roof. Cant remember if it even had the alpha kids honestly. I love getting back together fics, but not those where they spend like 15-20 years apart (most I've read are like that). And again. I’m trying to find a fic where Harry uses the Malfoy Manor As an escape from a very awful toxic ex. Notes: Happy Halloween, everyone! and one of his bullies is called "Crispin" (certain!! Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy’s big head by Rae_Saxon [G, 1k], ►Peeves pulls a prank on Draco and traps his head inside a huge pumpkin on Halloween eve. Hello everybody! ++ @cibeewastaken adds: “I remember this, I think the portrait also had Lupin and Sirius? still in  shock, but managing to lift his gaze to his friends, “but it For now the best option is to copy/paste the plain text link into your browser and navigate to the form that way. ►With his mental health steadily deteriorating and an impossible task weighing down on his shoulders, Draco Malfoy’s will to live is becoming weaker and weaker as the days pass by.

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