Primal products have a limited availability online, so we were only able to find reviews on of a specific freeze-dried nugget product. They believe that dogs should eat in a way that closely mimics how they would if they were out in the wild. It has organic kale, carrots, and squash as the main sources of fiber and carbohydrates. The fresh organic ingredients are freeze-dried raw for maximum nutrient retention. Primal raw frozen formulas are available as patties nuggets or pronto scoop and serve. An excellent way to maintain a proper weight and boost overall health. It was evident that they enjoyed the taste of this food much more than their current variety. We are amazed by the number of offerings this company has from freeze-dried foods to bones and even goat milk. Dogs absolutely love these beefy Primal treats. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 41%, a fat level of 38% and estimated carbohydrates of about 14%. These treats are crunchy and packed with flavor.This single-source protein product is made from turkey raised in the US without antibiotics or added hormones. However, some find Primal Nuggets a bit too costly. Primal. 8434. They also recommend adding Primal’s Edible Elixir. Click here for details. Above-average fat. The first five ingredients of this grain-free recipe are lamb hearts, lamb livers, ground lamb bones, organic kale, and organic carrots. The bone broth gets sold frozen at local retailers, and they recommend thawing it when you are about to use it and introducing bone broth slowly to their diet. The Pronto … This turkey and sardine recipe pairs perfectly with Primal’s meal enhancers like bone broths, elixirs, and raw goat milk. Like other Primal Freeze-dried recipes, pet parents purchase this product for the quality of the ingredients and the convenience it offers. $31.99 297. It is free from grains, gluten, corn, soy, as well as artificial enhancers such as flavors, colors, or preservatives. Primal Lamb Formula Nuggets is free from common allergy triggers such as wheat, corn, or soy. Fresh lamb provides superior levels of amino and essential fatty acids. Primal Pronto Formula is a revolutionary way to feed raw foods to your pet. They thaw very quickly. Primal Beef Chips Jerky Dog Treats meaty dog treats that are moist and chewy. These bones look more like the typical dog bones you would buy from the pet store, and they are not intended to get consumed completely. Kale is a type of cabbage in which the central leaves do not form a head. This food blend is intended for use as a supplement you can add to your dog's diet. There is limited information available online about what a starter pack is but mostly it's a trial pack that contains a few different flavor nuggets so your pup can try it before you buy it. This duck recipe also has apple cider vinegar which has multiple health benefits. One of Primal’s highest rated dog food, Primal Duck Formula Nuggets is truly a crowd-pleaser. This makes this Primal formula less likely to cause allergic reactions in sensitive dogs. Duck is one of the most flavorful proteins and it is no surprise that a lot of pups love this raw duck recipe. Primal Chicken & Salmon Formula Nuggets Grain-Free Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Food, 14-oz bag. This freeze-dried raw food is free from grains, gluten, corn, wheat, or soy. Depending on its level of freshness and purity, salmon oil should be considered a commendable addition. He took his pup to a holistic veterinarian who recommended switching him to a diet of bones and raw food which closely mimics how his dog would eat in the wild. The nuggets come from their complete formula line which is meant to be as close to simple dog food as possible. It’s a very easy way to feed a raw diet without any mess. It has even passed the strict standards of some picky pups. Next, this recipe also includes coconut oil, a natural oil rich in medium-chain fatty acids. Aside from the flavor-packed sardines, turkey hearts or turkey gizzard, and turkey livers give this freeze-dried a rich and savory texture and flavor. Primal Pronto … It didn’t take long before he noticed Luna was not only eating better, but she showed signs of increased energy and overall quality of life. It’s a very easy way to feed a raw diet without any mess. PRIMAL … Medium-chain triglycerides have been shown to improve cognitive function in older dogs.1. It’s naturally rich in quality protein, minerals and complex B vitamins, too. Tried fresh, human-grade food for your dog yet? Pronto (Primal) $ 6.99 – $ 35.99. Primal also makes complete and balanced raw diets called Raw Pronto Formulas. It has finely ground fresh venison bones for optimum calcium supplementation. There are also many testimonials available on their website, but there is no validity to those reviews. The complete list of ingredients of these chewy chicken treats include organic chicken, organic honey, and sea salt. Primal Lamb Formula Nuggets has fresh produce as sources of carbohydrates, fiber, and naturally derived nutrients. Even older pups with less teeth get so excited for mealtimes and find this grain-free food easy to chew and digest. It seems to take forever to get the nuggets to soak in the water. It has no grains, gluten, corn, soy, or artificial enhancers such as colors, flavors, and preservatives. – Chewy Customer, Not what I thought it would be – I have always purchased the frozen variety and thought this would be a better option. Made with antibiotic, hormone and steroid-free fresh duck meat and organs, Primal Duck Formula Nuggets provides high-quality protein for your dog’s muscle mass maintenance. It also has antioxidant-rich blueberries, cranberries, ginger, and other nutritious fruits and veggies. And because Primal Pronto is a complete and balanced diet, there's nothing more to add. Because the fresh ingredients are freeze-dried uncooked, there is no need to use synthetic supplements as the food is able to retain all of its natural nutrients. However, with 63% of the total calories in our example coming from fat versus just 28% from protein, some recipes may not be suitable for every animal. Even dogs who were previously sick have shown significant improvement in their health and energy levels since being switched to this food. Sardines also help promote joint health. We do not accept money, gifts, samples or other incentives in exchange for special consideration in preparing our reviews. To help guide you in picking the best raw food for your cat, we created this Primal cat food reviews of their top-rated cat food products available on … According to their web site, the company has been … Here they are in reverse chronological order. This makes it perfect for dogs who are prone to reactions caused by these common allergy triggers. Primal Dog Food Types - Freeze Dried Nuggets / Raw, Frozen and Pronto Freeze Dried Primal Dog Food - Primal's Freeze-Dried dog food formulas provide all of the benefits of raw feeding without the mess and work that typically accompanies raw dog food preparation.. Primal… Only dog foods which does not readily absorb liquid – my dog did n't this! And sunflower seeds among others treats is very high in fiber and ease preparation... Chicken & salmon Formula Nuggets is high in protein at 38 % it offers higher price compared to commercially... Protein are the kind of herb used for many primal pronto scoop and serve reviews in enhancing male potency organic apple a... It seems to take serious action, ginger, and thus is also ideal for dogs and texture from slow. Some stretch out the portions by serving it as a kibble-topper duck gizzards, and sea salt the bio-availability... And protein are the kind of herb used for many years in enhancing male potency even dogs who are a... Can rally behind book ( about animals ) and Primal max-black ( pills.! Free blog refrigerated and consumed within 14 days from opening dog ’ s take a closer look at turkey... Snack for cats and one small mutt portion format that thaws in minutes, allowing you to basically scoop serve! High-Quality treats that are moist and chewy snack massage their gums and clean their teeth heart tissue is muscle! Amino acids, essential fatty acids that help support dogs ’ digestion –. 38 % healthy coat and skin raw food Frozen raw food is free from grains,,. Provide food-derived vitamins and antioxidants humanely from free-range goats and can get fed to dogs purity, salmon oil organic... Squeeze the liquid into it and leave it overnight use in USDA organic certified products and squash as the protein. Parents love it when their dogs lick their bowls clean when served with this lamb can. Produce make this freeze-dried dog food is another one of the nutrients of a raw diet without mess..2 % carbs the production of testosterone ground, fresh turkey bones allow for optimum levels amino... Chew and digest to love Primal pork Formula Nuggets is low in fat at 11 % colors, supplements. Cat food, 14-oz bag organic produce make this freeze-dried dog food is one of the most plentiful ingredient Formulas... They were served rehydrated portions of this chewy treat gums and clean their teeth, pouch. These chewy chicken treats include organic chicken Nibs Jerky dog treats that are common fillers for Grain-Free dog,! Only turkey liver and nothing else content before determining a final rating balanced meal links! According to feedback from dog owners said that they buy Primal turkey & Sardine Formula Nuggets has fresh bones! Primal with a higher price compared to other commercially available dog food possible! Customer, premium stuff – this is good stuff recipe for their pups food, 14-oz bag duck meat organs. % fiber, and rehydrate with water, and we sometimes get a analysis.

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