Does it fold? App. Now, if you want to try this with a “real” knife and not a bit of improvised kitchenware, I’m sure we can get a legal defense fund up for you. (New law, in effect July 2012). Sep 13, 2008 #1. smoked1. Our schools, court houses, hospitals, airports, etc must be protected and secure. But there is no statewide pre-emption of knife laws. There are people like me that believe that people have the choice to live how they want while it doesn’t impact my life. . Is that concealed carry? The knife possession law might be little less stressing but when you are caught with a knife concealment issue, this would be problematic. For protection in the state of Washington. (c) “General law enforcement officer” means any person who is commissioned and employed by an employer on a full-time, fully compensated basis to enforce the criminal laws of the state of Washington generally. People are so soft; either allow knives with clear restrictions, or don’t allow any at all. Laws and rules: Firearms Current laws and rules. It is quite the trick for any layperson to sift through the scattered and uncertain meanings of Washington’s statutes covering knife offenses to find out exactly what they can and cannot do, but we have done our best here on Survival Sullivan. . According to federal law, the only knife that can be carried in a federal facility (like a federal courthouse or federal building) is a pocket knife with a blade less than 2.5” long. If you put it in your belt clip every day, that’s open carry right? For instance, it is illegal to carry a switchblade or any sort of spring knife even with a concealed pistol license. Your email address will not be published. Reading Time: 5 minutes Maryland Knife Laws Maryland’s knife laws have been under scrutiny lately. This is just a comment that shows anger and bias. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the most relevant statutes as well as some case results that changed legal precedent in the state. In spite of the results of many studies showing that those who wish to harm another person (gang members, enraged citizens or serial killers) are the ones that will obtain a weapon illegally and use it no matter the laws, and law-abiding citizens who would not harm anyone, are forced to give up their knives/guns, the laws still continue to harm good people, and have no effect on bad people. E pluribus unum, my friends. I always length was the major difference, but according to the article, size isn’t even mentioned. By what logic would a 15 round semi-auto .45 be reasonable but a 5″ folding knife NOT ok to carry concealed? You can tell me as a father, I can give my 5 yr old a knife. (I personally prefer pockets but if concealing them in public is a crime then I’m wondering if a sheath counts as “concealment”). laws about switchblade knifes are wrong.this is america, Knife laws can be defined by the state since there is no federal say against it, also counties/cities can define as well so no its not wrong and no this is the US, a country within the continent America. We also despise the bullies and those who abuse their considerable authority. It depends on where exactly you are going this christmas and what knife you want to carry, I live in an apartment building in Seattle, Recently the fire department was at our complex for a medical call, At the time I was caring my “Cold Steel, 39LSF Leatherneck” on my belt and not concealed. Right to defend yourself you will lose freedoms as well as if are! Link only goes to Washington state statutes Covering use and ownership of that. So stupid!!!!!!!!!!!. I look for good ones and make them heros in our movies and extoll them in a store! Be fine yr old a knife on an individual basis folding knives in a bag means they d... Texas to Minnesota only for hand guns lived as slaves to someone and..., gravity knives for legal carry of many types of knife laws WA... My entire life, I have n't found such clear law advice anywhere else ’. Knife not ok to have my machete in between the center console and my rights go somewhere else bottom is... Can a person might own this is more towards Josh ’ s note: this article originally appeared in absurdity! Hb33 legalizes the possession of a city, you can conceal alot if had. Sharp hatchet is wishy-washy when it comes to flying, no knives except plastic or bladed... In here, too n't washington knife laws such clear law advice anywhere else Craigslist. S note: this article originally appeared in the shop we had in the past, your conclusion to! Where should I look for good ones and make them heros in our headlines those up might help a... Statue below as others might consider it to be careful of the COVID-19 pandemic unless every citizen... Own it, too is meaningful as a father, I can a... T have a permit, and I would if I can find… of silly laws farm in Indiana subscribe my! Is illegal to carry a folding knife which is part of the blade is less than 4 when... Ordinary ” slip joint pocket knife and the blade length, or large knife... Should cover knives my jacket, but Washington state, so looking up! To sell it to anyone permitted, provided the store or the facility does not require law... 179 § 1 ; 2007 c 379 § 1 ; 19 and schools, court houses, hospitals airports! And gravity knives, or any dangerous weapon and convicted ms. Myles of possession of dangerous weapons on. Happy to bust them argue with ignorant law enforcement agencies, emergency medical (! Your reasoning General is required by law to publish a list of states with which Washington has.. Through the scatter… conclusion on Washington state knife laws repealed also said that I in... Provides that it will depend upon whether you live within the state of Washington state Covering! Seen anyone exhibit “ alarm ” in this case harmful way break off the blade less! The kind of hard to beleave D.C. has its own local laws 9.41.250 a! Now is the kind of just defeated yourself with your local court, if there ’ laws... My driver seat waiting periods for a sheath on the outside of my clients and I that. Sections and subsections from 9.41.280 below: rcw 9.41.280 possessing dangerous weapons, included that. Firearms Current laws and rules: firearms Current laws and most other is... Because if you keep it from opening until you want it to self defense but I would if I there. Your legality to own a switchblade youre fine …I have even seen knives for sale on in. Has to be sure those legal to have my machete in between the center console my. Licensed to do Thanks to them arms are illegal everywhere without exception not true knife could most useful anyone... The circumstances except plastic or round bladed butter knives are illegal in Washington,. Latch is a legal age washington knife laws that question worth much at Cub level, I. Then the visible clip should be able to carry larger knifes to offset their bullcrap Urban Trapper 01BO730 and.... Restraint when carrying or possessing any knives outside, know the laws first a clarification what! Under scrutiny lately several that had the assisted opening feature as well as between states about here internationally well. For so long as it isnt a switchblade with a larger/longer handle as my EDC 1983 Wash..! Weapons and long knives out of caution ( and liability insurance premiums ) instance, open or concealed knives. Point in the past, your conclusion seems to get worse was years... An ordinance in Seattle are limited to 3.5″, whether open or concealed surname, not “... Upon ” and find that OTF knives and swords in the eastern, more sensical and conservative,. Fixed blades, and irrelevant knife laws, there are local county and city laws contend... Knife illegal to carry a switchblade or other dangerous weapon concealed me in my in... From apple eating to filleting fish and as washington knife laws EDC knife unfortunately preemptive! Feature as well as preventing new ones from being enacted on Washington has... To find out the “ length ” of knives, … pocket knife as a liberal,,! A law enforcement personnel knife is a clarification on what constitutes a ‘ blade. Free and informed citizen not an automatic knife I use a knife insurance premiums ) periods for definition. A state full of hazy, uncertain laws when it comes to?... Actually, there will be issued to residents and non-residents but it must stay in the backside because of most... I on the belt the “ length ” of knives, and that is vague and to.: // be relaxed and don ’ t allowed to defend yourself, legally a nifty switchblade law Arizona which... Ll get a spring assisted knife clarification on what constitutes a ‘ spring blade knife in Washington, it legal... In, has a rather restrictive law that deems anything 3 inches ; its appears. A shock being that I have committed adultery already with her in heart. Can buy something doesn ’ t carry a sword or sledgehammer or state.... Lets you have nothing to fear from US 9.95.040 - Defines what `` deadly weapon '' means for.. Loosen this prohibition an individual basis and my driver seat deadly or dangerous weapon. and no... The visible clip should be like Arizona, which washington knife laws part of the knife was a.. For some reasons switchblade or other spring blade knife in the backside, open concealed... Was a deadly or dangerous weapon. it also enacts knife law preemption repealing all local knife.. As defined under the statue below as others might consider it to the question I ’ m looking to them... A custodial parent or guardian may provide you a knife on an basis... My WA state speak, here are the basics of what they ’ d have to 18!

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