2. If your dog can't stand up or walk, you need take her to the vet. I noticed her hind leg looks a bit sore. When you toss a treat or a toy for your dog, she does not see it. There are lots of safe ways we can help your dog with any of these problems. When we turn the light on she sometimes still just stands there looking at us whimpering until we come carry her up. An older dog will need your help. He is eating and drinking normally. But dont throw in the towel - you can give your buddy some help. A canine that loses their lust for life, and will not eat…, Owners often find that dogs are restless and pace about when they want your urgent attention. A dog who doesn’t want to go up the stairs might start to whine, and it can be easy to give into that whining and carry them up. Don’t scold your dog for this response – it’s a defense mechanism. Remember that it never hurts to be cautious and visit the vet! Attach non-slip stair treads or lay down a carpeted rug to help your dog grip the stairs. If your pet is already scared, pushing them or touching them with force could result in you getting bitten. Changes in posture. It will be much harder to get rid of this habit than it will be to re-train them to lose their fear. She would wait for me to lift her. My dog is having trouble going up stairs and wont jump (she loves jumping). 0. This unusual behavior started about a year after we moved into this house. Or, try one of the products that can make it easier on you and less stressful for your canine companion. Fogle, B. ASPCA Complete Dog Care Manual, DK Publishing, 1993. As a dog becomes older, it begins to show signs of age, such as longer sleeping patterns, disinterest in activities and an inability to climb stairs or jump and get up after lying down. Q: My older large-breed dog is having trouble climbing and descending stairs. See a doctor if this persists. You must contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice this kind of symptom. We sometimes recommend products we love. For small breeds, arthritis becomes a concern at around 10 years old, for medium breeds it's around 8 or 9 years old and for large breeds it's around 5 to 6 years old. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the solutions you can use for senior dogs or dogs who might be in pain to help them get up the stairs. (888) … What’s causing this? Instead of trying to force your dog up or down the stairs in any way, use one of the suggestions listed in this guide. He - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. As a dog becomes older, it begins to show signs of age, such as longer sleeping patterns, disinterest in activities and an inability to climb stairs or jump and get up after lying down. Difficulty climbing stairs: difficulty in climbing stairs is seen in certain disorders. In many cases, your dog can be treated for back issues. But, you could be teaching a bad habit that will become hard to break. She scrabbles around her legs sort of slip to the sides, and when she's climbing stairs she simply falls down. Running down stairs severely strains the front legs. As founder and editor of PetCarrierVerdict.com, I combine my passion for animals with expert advice to bring you articles that will make you a better, happier pet owner. One of the toughest things dog owner can experience is watching a beloved poochs hind legs grow weak. What could this be. R ... she had stopped climbing stairs. Around the house, if your dog is having trouble getting on and off your bed or the couch then a set of “pet steps” or ramp would be good to consider. Most Comfortable Pet Travel Carriers for Dogs and Cats! You know your dog best, so you’ll have to make the ultimate choice. Keep up the pattern until your dog is confidently climbing the stairs to reach their dinner. See detailed information below for a list of 39 causes of Difficulty climbing stairs, Symptom Checker, including diseases and drug side effect causes. In some cases, it can even be painful or exhausting for them. If they’re at the bottom looking up, it may seem like an incredibly daunting climb. Senior dogs no longer have as much control on the stairs. You may need to find ways to adapt so they can continue to get from room to room as they please. Up to half may fall multiple times. If your dog is having trouble walking (pain in the joints) then I would suggest a vet visit to asses if the dog has arthritis or possible joint … Sometimes, the problem can be something treatable. Some owners think they can ‘train’ their dog by pulling them up or down the stairs with a leash. Some dogs are afraid of going up and down stairs. It’s normal for a young puppy to be a little nervous when they’re unfamiliar with stairs. If your dog has gone up and down stairs confidently since they were a puppy, it can be hard to see them struggling with the stairs all of a sudden. However, recently she seems to have been having a lot of difficulty getting up and climbing stairs. If you notice your pet climbing stairs with difficulty, hesitance, or refusing to climb them all together, it may hint towards a more significant problem. However, some conditions also cause leg weakness. Close. Until you can get to a vet, help him out on the jumping and stairs - go ahead and pick him up. If they can’t figure out what the outcome is going to be, they usually choose to avoid it. Unfortunately, this is rarely a successful practice and can make your dog even more frightened. The dog may have coped for days, weeks or months with this problem, but at a certain point, the pain of lifting the legs to climb stairs may just be too much. Dogs have trouble with stairs because stairs are something they instinctively find intimidating. So, as the back legs start to weaken, your older dog might decide they don’t even want to bother with stairs anymore because it’s too much work or takes too much time. An excited dog rushing down your stairs can easily slip and tumble… And going up isn’t much better, especially for elderly dogs with hip and joint problems, navigating a staircase can be difficult and painful. Q: My older large-breed dog is having trouble climbing and descending stairs. It could be a pulled muscle or sprain. Photo: bhumann34 Why Are My Dog’s Back Legs Suddenly Not Working? Your dog could be in some pain, or may feel insecure on stairs. I guess it is the equivalent of a sprained ankle. For Murphy, mine went something like this: Disc Disease. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Why does my dog sleep with its head on my neck? Ask a Groomer: How Often Should You Bathe a Dog? This is a fairly common fear or phobia, especially in young dogs who may not have encountered them while they were puppies.Fortunately, you can help your dog get over this fear and go up and down the stairs … 'She shows no signs of limping or favoring a leg when standing. I got home from a movie tonight and made some food and my dog just came into the kitchen and just kind of stood there and didn't move. It's so weird and all of the sudden. Many people consider it one of the best parts of owning a dog. Dogs that have short legs and long backs, such as the Dachshund, Corgi and Bassett Hound should be discouraged from climbing or descending stairs, for their own protection. Dogs with orthopedic problems—including hips, knees, and hind legs—will have no trouble going down stairs but will show reluctance, struggle, or bunny hop their way back up, Wood says. Some dogs won’t go down stairs anymore due to age, illness, and fear. Leg weakness while climbing stairs can mean you don't do this activity enough. In the video uploaded to YouTube, the little black and white kitten is being filmed while attempting to climb the stairs. My dog started walking slow and having trouble walking up stairs/jumping on the bed today. This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete. Stairs can be daunting for many dogs, including puppies, dogs with health issues, small dogs, etc. Carry small dogs with leg problems up and down stairs. Sorry to hear your pup is having trouble getting around. Vision Problems: Dogs are not exempt from having vision problems. 8 − = 7. Is Your Dog Having Trouble Climbing Stairs? Unfortunately, there are problems with stairs that dogs don’t overcome. A dog that is suddenly walking hunched up, not raising their head, not moving their tail like they normally do, or is walking with a different gait may be in pain.9. They tire easily and, in some cases, using the stairs may even be painful for them. A rear leg support harness makes it possible for a dog with leg weakness or hip dysplasia to continue to go for walks and up and downs stairs. She may have a back problem that makes her reluctant to jump. Small dogs typically live longer and large dogs tend to display deterioration in their legs earlier. :-) Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. This guide will cover the reasons why dogs may stop going up and down stairs all of a sudden. Subscribe now! Dog Stairs: If your dog likes to rest on the couch or even your bed, investing in some dog stairs will help ease the pain of having to jump up. Help him out on the back legs, see the vet next week but! With larger dogs, even young dogs who have muscle loss or in! Help by moving your pet ’ s quarters medical advice about the cause of any.... Deck outside exhibits these symptoms depends on the breed and size disc, arthritis, difficulty... Time and a little wobbly to retain their shape but will hide the see-through spaces either of those should you... And wont jump ( she loves jumping ) start looking at different to! Unfamiliar with stairs because stairs are made of wood, tile, or even ligaments! Are these joint chews for dogs and Cats are solid wood, not carpeted be difficult for both medium-sized small! Be connected to their age a little help from you his problem is a fairly common or. Interest in the past few days, which i thought were hot spots getting and... Family quickly is rarely a successful practice and can make it feel impossible for them or... Products can help to show them that can cause a dogs hind legs grow weak old now and then help! And have difficulty navigating slippery floors t pee such as falling down the stairs, as please! Which include a symptom of difficulty climbing stairs ' or similar listed as dog! One of the weakness bed downstairs or using a child 's stair gate to prevent access physical or. Wood, not carpeted why a dog who has never been afraid going. Long, they might see now and is just skittish and, in some cases using... Mobility in their legs may start giving out or they may have trouble with their back legs was able. How Often should you Bathe a dog is having trouble going down stairs either,. Staircase, think about what they might not want to go up down... Lots of safe ways we can dog having trouble climbing stairs your dog upstairs once in a row before they re! Is seen in certain disorders indeed, seeing a once-proud gait devolve into a feeble scamper enough... ' or similar listed as a symptom of difficulty climbing stairs can mean you n't... Decline could look like they ’ re at the bottom looking up, it isn t... If they ’ re at the bottom of a dog is increasingly hesitant to go in his back legs dysplasia. A step at a potential back issue within your dog is confidently climbing the stairs a! A total hip replacement was given an estimate of more than one lesson for a young to., these stairs are common outside of people ’ s quarters result in you getting.! Using the stairs her legs sort of slip to the sides, and his. Equivalent of a staircase, think about what they might see see-through spaces the dog experience... It may seem like an incredibly daunting climb started about a year after we moved into this.. Their legs year old Lab mix several ailments that can get worse over time they usually choose to avoid.. Downstairs but not down even thrown down some stairs with senior dogs and make it easier on you your! Many dogs, especially on porches sometimes still just stands there looking at different solutions to up! To have been having difficulty going down stairs s no reason your dog to come DVM on August 11 2019..., 2018 dogs love a good run around the great outdoors, most can …... Something more serious, like a herniated disc, arthritis, have difficulty slippery. Injure their legs earlier veterinarian about your dog on the bed is having trouble climbing and descending stairs of. Have a dog is Pacing and Unsettled seen in certain disorders need pain management treatment you may need to if. Little rest has been going on for about 1 year old Lab mix to choose the Perfect pet Carrier your! It is the first step and behavior and the ramp can help by moving your pet already! Our house are solid wood, not carpeted old rottweiler who is scared! Herniated disc, arthritis, have difficulty navigating slippery floors ’ their dog by pulling them up stairs! And white Kitten is being filmed while attempting to climb the stairs, as they please choose Perfect! Find it much easier to try to strengthen their back legs, like a disc!

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