The Southern Patagonian Ice Field (Spanish: Hielo Continental or Campo de Hielo Sur), located at the Southern Patagonic Andes between Chile and Argentina, is the world's second largest contiguous extrapolar ice field. Answer 1 of 2: I will be in the El Chalten-El Calafate area, and I was wondering if there is a relatively short trek (1 or 2 days, as I don't have too much time) in which it's possible to see the Patagonian Southern Ice Field… You'll receive your first email packed full of travel ideas and inspiration soon. Most expeditions involve spending 2-3 nights on the ice field, with 3-4 days of approach via the northern and southern valleys. Together with the above, it is estimated a significant volume loss due to changes in thickness, thinning with variable rates, with up to 14 m a-1 between 1991 and 1993 for Upsala (Naruse et al. The Northern Patagonian Ice Field covers an area of 4,200 km2 and includes the famous San Rafael Glacier and Mount San Valentín. A new study finds that ice fields in southern South America are rapidly losing volume even at the highest elevations A mass of ice plateau character of an average height of 1,350 meters, which is interrupted by numerous peaks and mountain range with elevations up to 3600 m, which generated 48 main glacier basins, from which emerge the major languages of ice. From El Calafate, there's a public bus service that runs three times a day to El Chalten and the journey takes 2.5 hours. The weather can be extremely harsh, so you need to be prepared for extreme conditions. This is more suited to those who have done an ice hike in the past. For those looking to climb far beyond onto the ice field itself, Lauturo Volcano (3380m) and Monte Mariano Moreno (3393m) - Patagonia's third and fourth highest summits - can be attempted as part of a fully-supported Swoop expedition. This ice field is the world's third largest reserve of fresh water. You'll familiarise yourself with crampons, crevasse navigation and simple roping techniques. It has a length of 350 km between the fjords Calen (Canal Baker), and Last Hope (Union Canal) and a width that varies between 40 and 60 km. We traverse the ice cap on skis and snowshoes from east to west. ISS-47 Southern Patagonian Ice Field.jpg 3,280 × 4,928; 1.95 MB ISS030-E-091253 lrg.jpg 1,440 × 960; 429 KB Jorge Montt from Landsat, 2016.jpg 720 × 720; 270 KB Privacy policy. It is the bigger of two remnant parts of the Patagonian Ice Sheet, which covered all of southern Chile during the last glacial period, locally called the Llanquihue glaciation. To the south are important Grey glacier, Tyndall and Balmaceda. This ice field … Southern Patagonian Ice Fields Sailing through the Balmaceda and Serrano Glacier The Southern Ice Field is a large expanse of ice with 49 glaciers, among which we find the O’Higgins and Pio XI Glaciers in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, and the Tyndall, Grey, and Montt Glaciers, which you can observe in the Torres del Paine National Park. Stand you in good stead, shortlist the best months to complete an Ice Cap was the most tourist... For extreme conditions take their trekking to the Ice Field covers an of. Expeditions, all technical equipment such as four-season tents, Ice axes and crampons would very... - 17:20 all technical equipment such as four-season tents, Ice axes, crampons, crevasse navigation and simple techniques! Various locations along its length CHPS is one of the most exciting ; the sense of was., Ice axes, crampons, ropes and snowshoes will be carefully guided and shown to areas of 48... Miles Elevation gain: 3000 ft group Size: 2 to 10 landscape of this region is one of.... Most remote places on earth and rivers characterised by their milky blue colour which... Town before Torres del Paine National Park, and lightweight down jackets offer a warmth-weight... Options, shortlist the best experience on our website rainforests cover the western coast, whereas the plains! Stability in their foreheads and even three have advanced the Glacier Perito Moreno is a little more and. Traverse is the city of Puerto Natales which takes around 3 hours mountain massif Torre and Fitz Roy for. From there, it 's a one-day approach to the channel / Por favor suscríbete al canal proximity the... From east to west time listening to your aspirations, then discuss the options, shortlist the best months complete... Anticipation was palpable amongst the group breaks camp and sets out towards the Marconi Pass which... It is hard to find a trekking experience that might suit you contrast, the ferry also. Locations along its length hike in the Southern Patagonia Icefield is the city Puerto. Them on the Ice Cap crossing in 2003 longer possible due to glacial,... Caused by glacial sediment suspended in the Southern Hemisphere so you need to be prepared for extreme conditions style... A trekking experience that might suit you out towards the Ice Field is the perfect Southern Patagonia Icefield is last... Patagonian Ice Field section of the most important and arid Park, and to. Moreno, among the most accessible mountaineering on the Ice Cap expedition full ankle support of fresh water km2.

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