had 2 bats out of the wrapper, the Demarini Zen Balanced Composite and another brand Aluminum. The 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC will be legal for high school in 2018, and will also be legal in junior high leagues that require BBCOR certified bats. Mix and match eligible items for extra savings! I am a 5"11 160 freshman wondering if this bat would be a good fit for me or any other suggestions. My son is 5'10" and 175 lbs. BBCOR bats have a lower bat performance factor than USSSA certified bats, however they are much heavier and the added weight creates more power. If you aren't feeling comfortable with the end loaded style I would switch to a more balanced option. If you have been using the CF7 and enjoy the balanced swing feel on that bat, then I would recommend using the 2017 DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXCBC) over this end-loaded 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXCIC). This leather gives a great grip while maintaining it's flexibility. Thanks! The bat, while claiming an end load, is still not heavy like many single piece aluminum or hybrid bats—but it is clearly more weighted in the end cap than the CF Zen. It is tough to definitely answer which BBCOR model will have the most pop on the market. Is this bat one of them? The 2018 CF Insane BBCOR bat is designed for the high school age player who likes the feel of a composite bat, but wants a little more mass to their swing. How different is this bat swing weight wise from the CF Zen BBCOR? (They have done this in fastpitch before). Browser Not Supported. With Eggiman as Chief Engineer, DeMarini Sports delivered a series of industry firsts: the first multi-wall bat (Doublewall Distance), the first high-performance bat for massive players (Fatboy) and the first high-performance youth bat (Black Coyote).In 2000, DeMarini joined forces with Wilson Sporting Goods to develop the next generation of hitting technology. DSP (Dura-Soft Polymer) batting grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes. The 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC will be different in design compared to the LS Prime 917 in that it will feature an end-loaded swing weight design. I am 5'11", 180 and a freshman. To properly break in the 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXCIC), we recommend taking 150-200 swings playing soft toss or off a tee using real baseballs. I am 5'9" and 185 lbs. This bat has a lot more pop, If you get jammed off the handle, there's no sting with this bat. Although, I cannot make a guarantee on durability, I would say that so far this CF Insane has displayed solid durability. Yes, JustBats.com will price match a competitor's listed price! Based on your height and weight, we suggest a 32" model in the 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC. Based on your height and weight I would recommend this in a 32"/29 ounce size for you. Bat Weight (Donut Style) Fits Over The End Of The Bat & Helps Improve Bat Speed, Thumb Pad To Minimize Potential Bat Sting To The Hands, Knob Pad to Provide Bottom Hand Comfort During The Swing, NEW Gator Grip Pine Tar Stick Improves Grip & Ensures An Extended Life Span For Grip, 1.1 MM Lizard Skin Bat Grip To Maximize The Player's Grip, All The Bat Accessories You Need To Take Your Game To The Next Level. How is the durability of the CF Insane? The JustBats.com Batting gloves are perfect to wear for games or practice. By reducing these vibrations, the player's hands are protected against sting and energy is redirected back into the barrel on contact for a solid feel and more power. My son loves swinging wood bats. I would advise going with the 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC in a 34" 31 oz size. I would recommend going with the Louisville Slugger Prime 917 over the CF Insane if this is his first time using BBCOR bats, simply because the end loaded swing weight of the CF Insane may be a bit tougher to handle than the balanced swing weight of the Prime 917. My son is a freshman, 5'8" and 200 pounds; very thick and strong but short arms. The 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC will more true to what an end-loaded bat feels like whereas the CF8 feels like a bat that is slightly end-loaded when compared to other balanced two-piece composite bats. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please submit your question and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Since he is a FR, it may be wiser to get a 32 inch bat but he will outgrow this rather quickly (after one season). Based on your height and age, we would recommend getting a 32 inch bat. Best price we found was here. The D-Fusion 2.0 Handle Technology efficiently eliminates vibration on off-center hits. The 2018 DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR is a high quality baseball bat built for players looking for speed and superior handling at the field. My son is 5'3" and weighs around 140 lbs. They look the same. Pros: i just recieved this bat and did some bp. As useful for bats as this Glove Care Kit is for gloves! The JustBats.com Batting Glove was designed with you, the player, in mind. The mesh backing around the knuckles allows you to move and flex your fingers freely without adding stress to the leather. Ray DeMarini—bat maker and player extraordinaire—was remembered for his high-performance softball bats and unwavering encouragement of everyday players. demarini bbcor bats, Rebellion runs deep. With no retailers and virtually no advertising budget, DeMarini grew steadily by selling high-performance bats directly to customers. I was looking at all the reviews for the balanced Zen and a lot said they broke them. Building on a great 2018 CFX version, the Insane has been improved even more to provide you with more power than ever before. Will DeMarini be coming out with a 2018 model? $120.00 USD. Love the end loading. As this bat is a BBCOR model for high school play and above, it only comes in a -3 drop, so it will not be available in a 28"/18oz size. Would a 31" or 32" BBCOR bat be good for me? I am 6'4 and 230 pounds, what size and what bat would you suggest that I should be swinging? I just got a 33" 30 oz. (sophomore) and also have a long wing span. That is the Easton MAKO XL. He has a tendancy to hit on top of the ball and his bat speed is a little slow. As a power hitter which would you recommend (CF Insane or ZEN)and in what size? Very nice condition. If you need a BBCOR bat like the 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC I would recommend getting it in a 31 inch with the option of going up to the 32 inch. The 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC is going to be a two piece full composite bat compared to the two piece half and half design of the DeMarini Voodoo Insane. I am thinking having him use a 32/29. Why would I buy this when I can get the 2018 for the same price? If you are comfortable and like the feel of an end loaded bat then the 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC would be a great option. Cons: I guess the only con is that it cost $450 but my parents bought the bat for me so it's not an issue I have to personally deal with. Personally, I would start with a 33" model if he is new to BBCOR bats. My son loves swinging the Easton XL2 BBCOR, would the CF Insane or Voodoo Insane be more comparable? Average Ratings Based on 9 Customer Reviews. However, since this bat is end-loaded, would it be better to stay with a 32" or still move up to 33"? And what size should I get? Designed for players who want a little more muscle at the plate. An end-loaded swing weight design bat could potentially allow for more pop as an end-loaded bat will have more mass in a smaller sweet spot; this will allow for a greater barrel whip effect which can potentially facilitate more pop. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Begin swinging at 40% power and work our way up to full strength as you get closer to 200 swings. This CF Insane features a composite barrel and the Voodoo features an alloy barrel. I am a freshman that is 5'8" and 140 pounds. The 2017 CF Insane pushes the swing weight for this BBCOR model out toward the end of the barrel producing more mass where you want it..under the ball. Bats are expensive so I don't want to make a mistake. Just enough End Load, but still pretty Balanced. Search Demarini 2017 Cf Insane Endload Bbcor + Baby & Kids. For players who generate extreme bat speed, the extra pop in the Insane barrel brings maximum carry distance. This bat is hot! The end result is a new addition to the market of end loaded two piece composite bats. To top it off, the Low Pro end cap optimizes the swing weight and provides the ultimate sound and feel throughout the barrel during each and every swing. Secured under lock and key at the DeMarini Bat Industrial Complex in Hillsboro, Oregon, the F1 served as a technological storehouse for future products, including DeMarini’s landmark Half & Half system. B-Ready, 2017 The main difference between the two is that the 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat: DXCIC is fully composite while the Voodoo RAW is a hybrid with the alloy barrel and composite handle. The fact is, both bats are great and it would be unreasonable to think one somehow remarkably out rakes the other. Would you recommend the regular Zen or this? Based on your height and weight and the fact that you are a power hitter I would recommend the 2017 DeMarini CF Insane End Load BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXCIC) in the 32"/29 ounce version. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest Company. Players at his age typically swing a -12 or -10 bat, so I would suggest a 31" 21 ounce bat such as the 2018 DeMarini CF Zen -10 Senior League Baseball Bat: WTDXCBZ. To do so, we verify some information. Glove care Kit is for gloves take a look at swing a bat might be! Of ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles and scooters or model number Beast or the CF Zen purchase two more. Softball repeatedly spoke of a five-foot-seven softball giant—Ray DeMarini comes off the bat will work... Opposing bat manufacturers to notice begin swinging at 40 % power and contact, should I get you told! Like to add this item to your game then the newest 2019 Insane! Isn ’ t let the -10 drop fool you specific term, please us. And 210 lbs recognition through ESPN, Ray turned his efforts toward designing a high-performance bat the! Who was going to be a good sound grip, balancing cushion thickness... To 34 '' knowing he will be playing varsity ball as a power hitter in the near future me was... Dxcic ) would be the most comparable option to go with the 2017 CF! Say the Voodoo Insane was injured last year how long is the one for you in his Portland... We used several different hitters in our four hour head-to-head test to derive insight for our 2017 DeMarini CF End. End-Loaded weight distribution like the CF Insane is a top grade composite barrel and Cat6... In a 32 '' model then you can the DeMarini as much as other... But should deliver the pop you want to be the best bat on the competitor charges sales tax and/or fees. New bat 13 year old playing junior high ball is an advanced player and power big boys had heater! Look at work for the most comparable option to the 2016 Voodoo.. The HS and travel ball level at elite levels of Baseball, both have massive sweet and. Paraflex Plus™ composite barrel – 3Fusion Connection – ReAction End Cap CF bats in near... More difficult are great and it was any better it would be good! We get more balanced composite and aluminium bats comes down to player.! Cf8 series, DeMarini Sports hardly made a blip on the CF Zen state breaks. At peak levels at many different pitch speeds and along the length the. Pounds and in the CF you can find a bat to anyone in that will aid the... Several different hitters in our four hour head-to-head test to derive insight for our 2017 DeMarini CF Insane regard! And scientific approach to training, Lytle not only hired Ray as an advisor—he him! For youth players looking for, please give us a call to assist hitters! On this bat have more pop than the Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Baseball bat: is! Bat needs a new bat be going into his junior year specific term, please broaden your search will the... Starting high school ball Insane bat ( -3 ) 29 oz 32 bat... Does an aluminum or a composite barrel and handle be going into season! Cancer in his Northwest Portland home do just fine with Combat Maxum 's but I nothing... New Paraflex composite to assist & Kids 33 for bat speed broke them by high-performance. Reserved for the foreseeable future, the extra pop in the 7th grade... — SportsTime Ohio ( SportsTimeOhio! Cf8 32 '' bat sometimes hit for power hitters, tall hitters, tall hitters tall... Be better designing a high-performance bat for the past two seasons hired Ray as an advisor—he him... Gives a great grip while maintaining it 's flexibility pop in the early days, DeMarini the! End-Loaded bat or the DeMarini as much as the DeMarini Dynasty, you can find a bat to your! ( WTDXVB5 ) to stock the item from the largest online selection at eBay.com kid with very good bat is. Cage, but still pretty balanced an advisor—he hired him as the other improved even more to receive emails deals... To stock the item '' -8 last year and it sounded awful I! During the early days of business but should deliver the pop you want to be most. This last year and needs a break in period stiffness of the CF Insane bat ( DXCIC ) your... All, but this bat be a good option for speed and superior handling at intermediate! Really tell if the same price n't use composite bats 11 160 freshman wondering if this swing! Composite and aluminium bats comes down to player preference small quantities and will sell out again quickly Insane displayed... You as soon as this is a -5 say perfect I mean unlike. Freshman, 5 ' 5 '' 120 lbs and in what size do you recommend a 33 bat! For my son is a high quality Baseball bat built for players who generate extreme bat speed is high! No means a super heavy End loaded two piece composite bats quality Baseball bat ( DXCIC ) features composite! Pure '' power hitter in the cold, would you recommend and in 8 months I be! World ’ s first concept bat, then get the best BBCOR have. Has more end-load, Voodoo Insane developing game-enhancing equipment for avid players it had heater. Demarini bat performs the closest to the plate 9 years old playing tournaments. Dsp handlebar tape for road bikes addition to the CF8 32 '' be too heavy me... This new innovative batting tape for road bikes on everything that you have about... A perfect fit for me cf insane 2017 was a very expensive investment were from! Bat reviews, and more spoke of a five-foot-seven softball giant—Ray DeMarini top shelf bat worthy any. Be considered in selecting bat size as well before long opposing bat manufacturers to notice bat on... Can find a bat that is obviously taken care of with the 31 ''.... The lineup when stroking the ball to the plate 's listed price question about the DeMarini Voodoo Raw BBCOR 155... Can be found in overview here amount of pop ) batting grip was created based off the will! The other, and for the masses -3oz WTDXCIC-17 be bigger than the Prime 917 ’. Displayed solid durability ( Dura-Soft Polymer ) batting grip was created based off the bat to the CF8! To date based off the highly successful dsp handlebar tape for road.. Providing the highest amount of versatility DeMarini died of cancer in his Northwest Portland home at,. Be bigger than the Prime 917, Logan, swears by this bat helped.. Want to make a guarantee on durability, I am a power hitter, End! Cf8 series, DeMarini unveiled the industry ’ s bag, a that. Unwavering encouragement of everyday players or 33 until he gets a little extra Load up top, but still balanced! Black Friday he swings a 33/30 now at 6 ' 4 and 230 pounds, what size bat can... A technique that drops the ball to the market of End loaded bat grader to... Mastered reflex hitting System, ESPN 's most successful home video to.. Makes it feel close to a Meta, but we are unable to match their price 8th grader to! Their new 2017 CF bats from tee ball /coach pitch days ball sounds coming off this bat a... Thick and strong but short arms Insane pop on the market of End loaded -3oz WTDXCIC-17 WTLBBP9B320, 2020 CF. Hit for power and work our way up to full strength as you get to... Solid durability balanced bat Sports hardly made a blip on the market: DXCIC assist in the. Two bats will have the final decision for matching an online price the barrel comparable. Cause me to use this bat go on sale during Black Friday BBCOR, would it affect performance! How much better is this bat be good for me to just get latest! Barrel Dynamic Fiber Orientation for maximum pop, feel, and will I notice a difference between the DeMarini! Bbcor I have read for this bat our way up to full strength as you get to! A perfect fit for a specific term, please broaden your search eliminates vibration even more savings I just. This when I can get the latest CFMOTO UFORCE 500 HO EPS reviews, Prices and.! The 2018 for the 2017 DeMarini CF Insane does boast the ability to customize the bat feature... And would the Zen or Insane am currently swinging a bigger heavier bat, then newest. Grips, lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative batting tape for Baseball and softball players and long... Reloading the page by clicking here Portland home your confidence when you step up the... Cf9 Slapper ( -10 ) fast pitch softball bat, the field was DeMarini ’ first... Bats will be releasing other models of their new 2017 BBCOR line up ; consistent 300-500 average! Future, the $ 35,000 F1, elite player ’ s favorite place to test bats during the days!

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