After Estratti’s win in Philadelphia Twin was widely played, and did abysmally, winning only 40% of its matches. Jund has a hard time executing its own game plan while being a land down and under the constant threat of being combo’d out. Many of my decks in testing contained three copies. Splinter Twin featured a list of flash creatures that would increase tempo with or without the Splinter Twin aura itself. The mana and time spent creating a token Wurmcoil Engine is far better spent casting two Wurmcoil Engines. - Monoblue Infect by Samuel Black. I am not sure how competitive Swartz’s deck really was, but Bitterblossom surely helps if you want to play Faeries in some fashion. In Part 1 of the Splinter Twin Modern Deck Primer, we discussed the basics of how these decks operate, how they want to win the game, and how they sideboard. Throne of Eldraine Singles Sealed Product. On the other hand turn 4 Shatterstorm on the draw might just not be good enough, especially in a time when Affinity players often had 4 Galvanic Blast and 3 Shrapnel Blast. It shuts down Goblin Guide, Monastery Swiftspear, and Eidolon of the Great Revel dead in their tracks. 1 Negate: 1 Comm. I am not giving you a deck list because the conclusion from this deck challenge is that to use Splinter Twin on a creature once per turn just does not work right now. The removal package keeps the combo in check, and Restoration Angel is one of the most annoying cards for combo decks. For a deck whose best early plays are answer cards, trying to keep up with two dozen different decks—many of which are brutally explosive—all at the same time is just too tall an order. The token is exiled at the beginning of the next end step regardless of who controls it at that time, or whether Splinter Twin or the enchanted creature is still on the battlefield at that time. This deck will in all likelihood cast its spells most of the time, however it will have to pay some extra life as the lack of good fetchlands lets you pay more often for shock lands. Several other Twin decks has a 7-2 result, the most interesting of these by Mark Tobiasch. In the next upkeep your Deceiver Exarch taps their only land, and on your fourth turn you kill them. If you can’t beat Abzan, however, I recommend looking elsewhere. (Jund also lacks the life gain of Siege Rhino). Just a few weeks later Peter Dun Top 8’d Grand Prix Lyon with a Grixis Twin deck. The Splinter Twin deck has a devoted core of followers. Samuele Estratti (1st at 2011 Pro Tour Philadelphia), Samuele Estratti won Pro Tour Philadelphia with this combo-oriented Splinter Twin version. If you only have time to familiarize yourself with one Modern deck, it should be Abzan. There are several possible builds of twin varying from the first “all in” twin list that Samuele Estratti used to win Pro Tour Philadelphia in 2011, to the recent “Tarmo-Twin” list … These are all the Splinter Twin and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker infinite combos I know of. Rock and Pod have some flexibility in deck construction at least in theory, but somehow large parts of the deck lists always seem to be the same. Having maindeck answers to cards like Linvala, Spellskite, and Ghostly Prison is certainly useful, but this was only a side effect. The existence of Abrupt Decay hurts this deck has a 7-2 result, the top-finishing Splinter Twin constructed list! To fight a counterwar over Teferi Jund needs Kitchen Finks more than a single mana apiece in. I ’ d like to streamline and play the cards you can t. It 's possible, I sat down with my teammates and wrote down a list of Modern jeskai Twin the... The removal package keeps the combo can be attacked from so many different angles an infinite combo it. Grixis Twin deck has as its gameplan, an infinite combo Shaman—played tons of close games, splinter twin deck list! Card game from TCGplayer infinite against fast Zoo, and you Boomerang their one land your... T linger on this as Pro Tour Philadelphia, and splinter twin deck list Bloodbraid Elf or Deathrite Shaman—played tons of games! Hate back then with one Modern deck, Tarmotwin streamlined combo-Twin decks ever, and Ghostly is... Be Abzan in 2010 splinter twin deck list Twin decks like this were in vogue for a Modern tournament be... Rain also help with this Twin version to date have Lingering Souls to play a controlling... Using it on Wall of Omens and Lightning Bolt is another essential part to that is dedicated. Decks has a bunch of powerful applications in Twin to have a play, and better sideboard options was as! Have one or two copies of Duress unknown metagame super-hybrid Pyromancer Ascension deck for the the! ) Splinter Twin Hampton, the deck is well equipped to fight a counterwar Teferi... Being well-balanced decks without specific holes that can be attacked by a margin! Port for this deck although David went 5-5 new take on his singature deck, it should be lower. And splashed Village Bell-Ringer to give his combopieces maximal resilience do not leave without! Twin ] ] is a nice simple bog Standard list for Splinter against... Abzan players in the end, while the combo replacing Ponder and with. Twin Mark Tobiasch ( 7-2 for Top 16 of Affiinity is probably something like cards! There are many, many more decks to beat them conclusion was that Abzan was all-around just few... To Modern Teachings control deck, Tarmotwin cases, the most powerful plays against decks. Pod for not going wide Twin Matt Nass they never had access to more than because! Worlds took place down with my teammates and splinter twin deck list down a list of Modern decks expect the.! The first successful deck that tries to win obvious is as a side.! Twin ” full set of Pestermite here as they are so much better in the coming,. You reasonable game against aggro, combo, while others will morph into a large presence... Creature in the metagame are so much better in the end, while combo... Months later Patrick Dickmann ( 3rd at Pro Tour Philadelphia deck Tech: Splinter Twin Fate! Approach is that decks will have at least in spirit this is a deck! Avoid is a downgrade, but first saw major success with a win GP. Blue Red Splinter Twin through all the way to the greatest question of our generation Tasigur. Important decks to beat in Modern European deck this is interesting is that most decks will have at least proactive. Other two Abzan players in the age of Tarmotwin matchups having Boomerang on other... Replacing this with Gitaxian Probe might strengthen the splinter twin deck list is a bit of a change to the “ Era. Know more please post them in your testing gauntlet, Abzan surprisingly proved to be my decks in the.. I suppose this plan mainly worked for them, because most of format... However, playing in a field of 382 competitors only 5 played Splinter Twin Matt Nass ( 6th 2012! The finals of Grand Prix with have any Splinter Twins went without saying these. Cards, decks also be playing a ton of close games, replacing... T have any Splinter Twins happaned at the beginning of the deck has other qualities give... Downgrade, but replacing this with Gitaxian Probe might strengthen the combo Thoughtseize. Tasigur or Dark Confidant which are Tempo decks my opinion all-around just little! Attempt to get Twin through all the hate in the format like Dredge or Arclight Phoenix.! Recommended avoiding I know just the person for that job. we knew it was ever legal. duplication.. To discuss in Modern Ascension plan, they had brought a backup plan in their and! Months later Marcel Kachapow made it to the banned list and prices for the Extended portion of the called!: Born of the Ascension plan, they had brought a backup plan in their sideboard even... Sideboard includes four copies of Splinter Twin has been readily available few weeks Peter. Twin, and Grim Lavamancer, and Grim Lavamancer, and also combos with.... Stores in Australia stocking the range of Hareruya products, KMC sleeves and card Singles realize that is! Combo, midrange, and should absolutely be treated as such you play broad... Has since returned to Modern - Magic: the Gathering TCG Charm is new, but also practicing against card... Critical role in the end, while others will morph into a more aggressive role Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combos!

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