The article named “Re – examining the Constitution by Kenneth Jost (2012), provides the reader with an interesting analysis of the pros and cons of a constitutional convention (“Con – Con”). Donald A. Loucks Friday Oct 7, 2016 at 12:01 AM Sep 27, 2018 at 6:11 AM. “After I left Albany,” Plavoukos recalls, “I realized that politics is all the organized crime we can agree on.” Since 2000, almost three dozen members of the state Legislature have faced criminal charges resulting in their resignation or removal. In A Divided America Kai Kahele Wants To Find A Place To ‘Fit In’, White House: Coast Guard Will Up Presence In Pacific To Fight Overfishing, Use the RSS feed to subscribe to Corie Tanida's posts today, Biden Easily Won Hawaii But Data Shows Support For Trump Has Grown, VIRUS TRACKER — Nov. 6: 122 New COVID-19 Cases In Hawaii, More Voter Service Centers Essential For Timely Election Results. We can reasonably presume that a con con would be much more fruitful and more representative of the people, if our voter participation rate were closer to Minnesota’s 74.5 percent rate than our 50 percent. The Pros & Cons of Convening a Constitutional Convention in Michigan . And you can still comment on stories on our Facebook page. We believe this to be an unfair dichotomy and we are not alone. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company. This is not a small figure and it should not be discounted as citizens weigh in this November. “The last time we had a constitutional convention,” he points out, “the world was a lot different.” That time, which Plavoukos describes as a distant mirror of today, was 1938, a time when traditional political values — freedom of speech, religion, and the electoral process — were under attack from both the right and the left. Inbox overcrowded? Privacy policy | Holding a constitutional convention is not a decision to make lightly, and we encourage everyone to seek information, continue the conversation, and most importantly, vote. When citizens do not vote, they give up their seat at the table. In the third and final election, voters will ratify or reject the proposed changes. “It’s a great idea,” he told Cummings then, “but it’s not worth the risks.” Today he thinks we have no other choice. Pros and cons of a constitutional convention. Also, while the Legislature can set limits on donations to con con candidates, what about unlimited spending by super PACs and ballot issue committees? In its testimony to the Legislature in March, the Legislative Reference Bureau estimated that if a con con were held, following similar guidelines for the 1978 convention (102 delegates), it would cost $55,835,857 excluding ballot counting costs. Has there been adequate education of the public regarding the potential for change? Within the same vein, we must also acknowledge Hawaii’s low voter turnout. (Letters to the Editor). Also on hand were four-time governor Al Smith, Sen. Robert Wagner, Congressman Hamilton Fish and urban planner and power broker Robert Moses. A provision in the New York state constitution mandates that every 20 years citizens decide whether they wish to convene a convention to revise and amend that document. During this divisive time in our nation’s political history we know it rings true that voters are frustrated, and for lots of reasons: Common Cause Hawaii takes these issues very seriously, and we work tirelessly with other grassroots organizations, members of the community, and legislators to fight these systemic shortcomings and support a transparent, accessible and thriving democracy. Is there a grassroots wave of concern about our state constitution? Federal Court Bars Mass. Feedback | Essentially there would be three elections in this multi-year effort to get the ball rolling. Governor Pataki amends lower Manhattan plan. Experts talk history, pros and cons of a Constitutional Convention News. This is your space to talk about important issues or interesting people who are making a difference in our world. The only news outlet in Hawaii dedicated to public affairs reporting. and, perhaps most frustrating of all, a government that, year after year, seems to make little to no progress on perennial issues overwhelmingly supported by Hawaii’s voting population. You can unsubscribe any time. Common Cause’s Corie Tanida at a recent Civil Beat forum at the State Capitol. Until we have comprehensive reforms like overturning Citizens United or a full publicly funded elections program, money will continue to impact how our democracy functions. Thanks! In its, Is the Constitution the appropriate place to address the issue(s) at hand? Conflict over an “exclusionary rule,” prohibiting the use of any evidence obtained by an illegal search or seizure, previewed that year’s race for governor. In addition to voting on local candidates, there are three propositions on the ballot Tuesday—the big one being the constitutional convention. The opinions and information expressed in Community Voices are solely those of the authors and not Civil Beat. Thoughts on this or any other story? We welcome video commentary and other multimedia formats. Copyright © 2020 Farlex, Inc. | Printer Friendly. Currently, the state constitution is silent on those issues. The Hawaii public must be educated on the overall process in addition to the equally weighted pros and cons of a constitutional convention. Don’s Thoughts: The pros and cons of a constitutional convention . Posted In: Politics, State, Opinion ... 2010 ballot, and asks Michigan voters to decide whether to call a constitutional convention to revise the 1963 Michigan Constitution. But civic attitude toward the process can be gauged by the total vote on the proposition, which was 3 million less than that cast on the governor’s race on the same ballot. By Arthur Cheliotes “Right now we see the far right and left pulling the political spectrum so far apart there is no longer any common ground for compromise,” Plavoukos projects. Send to and put Letter in the subject line. Also possible is establishing the right of every New Yorker to health care, including reproductive rights protections. If approved, the second election would occur after the Legislature determines some of the logistical details and would serve to elect the convention delegates. We'll send you a confirmation e-mail shortly. “But realistically,” he observes, “who are the people most likely to get elected?”. “Each side points fingers at each other as to the reason why nothing is getting done. 34,731,799 articles and books. We cannot have a comprehensive conversation without further exploring the potential costs of a convention. There is, however, one issue that everyone concerned can agree on: Albany has a longstanding tradition of government corruption. Are we prepared to do outreach? The Hawaii public must be educated on the overall process in addition to the equally weighted pros and cons of a constitutional convention. This makes it much easier for special interests to deploy their financial resources, and their impact is more widely felt. RELATED: The pros and cons Part 1, with Mark Levine and Richard Brodsky. Get occasional emails highlighting essays, analysis and opinion from IDEAS, Civil Beat's commentary section. Free Online Library: Weighing pros and cons of the Constitutional Convention vote. SHARE. Groups offer pros, cons for constitutional convention. Write a Letter to the Editor. Sorry. What about: Holding a constitutional convention is not a decision to make lightly, and we encourage everyone to seek information, continue the conversation, and most importantly, vote. That year the voters approved the convention, 1,413,604 to 1,190,275. Send to A constitutional convention could provide the vehicle to bring policymakers back to the middle, long enough to do something positive, with the rest of us looking over their shoulder.” SNT, © Syracuse New Times, All Times Publishing, LLC | Theme by MVP Themes, powered by Wordpress, Capitolfest 17 programs an August weekend of buried cinema treasures, Syracuse Salt Company drills for the tasty crystals near Inner Harbor, Expansive Everson exhibit details Juan Cruz’s artistic evolution, Since government won’t fix its ethical problems, the task is now on us, SALT Academy Applications & Awards Process. Civil Beat’s July 25 editorial — “Get Ready For Scare Tactics To Ward Off A Constitutional Convention” — framed the idea of a constitutional convention as staunchly black and white; and anyone who isn’t on board with this is potentially against progress as a whole. This is a great time for anyone concerned with good, transparent governance to come together and address these critical questions and more. That year, despite controlling the governor’s office, the state Senate and New York City, Democrats failed to win control of the convention. The final tally was 92 Republicans, 75 Democrats and one member of the American Labor Party. The 1938 version attracted an all-star lineup of then-prominent politicos. Is the timing right for citizens and political actors? Voters rejected the concept in 1957, 1977 and 1997. A confirmation email will arrive shortly. Our mission is to engage and educate the community on important public issues through in-depth reporting, explanatory and investigative journalism, analysis and commentary. You need to use your name and city and include a contact phone for verification purposes. In the meantime, we have other newsletters that you might enjoy. During a five-month session, the delegates debated and enacted proposals both progressive and traditional. In the same editorial it was suggested that the Legislature can address money’s influence on the con con through legislation, but what happens if the Legislature does not enact these laws? (proposed Constitutional Convention in New York) by "Real Estate Weekly"; Business Real estate industry Constitutional conventions Planning. The first will be this November, when voters decide whether or not a con con is in their best interest. Often, the constitution evokes political discussion on whether or not there should be a constitutional convention. And then there are the strange bedfellows. We are in agreement with Civil Beat that Hawaii voters should be asking if “we’re ready to hold a conversation of consequence about how its government works?”. You're officially signed up for our daily newsletter, the Morning Beat. The New York State Teachers Union is warning members and the general public that the current education system would be compromised by private school tuition vouchers, tax credits and charter schools, all made possible courtesy of the constitutional convention. In the last 10 years, voters in states such as New York, Ohio, Maryland and Alaska have voted not to have their own state con cons. The minimumum donation amount is $5.00. In terms of a more appropriate order of operations, what steps can we take to increase voter participation in the short-term, such as vote by mail and automatic voter registration? While Common Cause does not formally take a position on whether or not Hawaii should hold a con con of its own, we do stand firmly behind the assertion that the public must be educated on the overall process in addition to the equally weighted pros and cons of a convention.

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