Ikura is one of the season’s greatest gifts. Fish eggs, or roe, are harvested from so many kinds of fish and prepared in such innumerable ways that it's difficult to know where to begin. I love Ikura, so I usually make Ikura every fall and freeze small amounts. Ikura is marinated salmon roe with mainly soy sauce. They are served as sushi toppings, Ikuradon (on a bowl of rice), and appetizer. https://www.recipetips.com/glossary-term/t--34250/salmon-roe.asp The Russians are famous for their caviar harvested from sturgeon although red caviar, or salmon roe, is also beloved.The Japanese eat the same red caviar (called ikura) with white rice, either plainly or rolled up in sheets of seaweed. In the fall, fresh salmon and its roe sell at the supermarket in Japan.

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